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Cooking Up Some Embroidery
We all have a handwritten recipe or two that Grandma used to make. Wouldn't it be lovely to turn that handwriting into a stitch file and embroider this treasured keepsake onto a towel or apron so you can remember them fondly every day? You can decorate your kitchen with these stitched memories or give them away as gifts. An apron with Grandpa Bob's Secret BBQ Sauce on the front would make a fantastic Father's Day present. So go find your favorite recipe from your childhood and let's create a stitch -able keepsake!
Taught by Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie for Embrilliance Software

Treat Yourself! Making Gorgeous In the Hoop Freestanding Lace Earrings on Your Own Embroidery Machine
In this session we will cover all the techniques to get perfect freestanding lace results from Sheila Ryan from Designs by Babymoon, who has made thousands of freestanding lace pieces over the years, and you will get a detailed explanation of all the supplies you will need to make your own wonderful earrings. FSL earrings make great gifts for all your earring -wearing friends, and are great sellers at craft shows. You will enjoy learning all the things that will set you up for Freestanding Lace Earring Success!
Taught by Sheila Ryan from Designs by Babymoon

ITH Versatile Card Wallet
This in-the-hoop project would be great as a craft fair item or for gift-giving. This design, which uses embroidery vinyl offers several finishing options -- you can make it with just 4 card slots -- or 8 card slots -- or 4 card slots and a zipper pocket -- and there's nothing stopping you from making just a zipper purse. If you plan on carrying it in a pocket, you may like the extra security that the included optional snap tab provides.
In this class, designer/digitizer Peggy Severt makes a card wallet with 4 slots, a security tab, and a zipper pocket. She'll provide tips for cutting the embroidery vinyl on a cutting machine -- her favorite method -- as well as cutting it manually. Then she'll walk you step by step through prepping the remaining pieces and putting them all together, ending with adding a KamSnap to the tab.
Taught by Peggy Severt from Pegboard Crafts

Pivot! Flipping Your Hobby to a Business
In this session you will get practical wisdom and encouragement from Sheila Ryan, a creative entrepreneur who has built several businesses after being out of the workforce for years while raising and homeschooling her 9 children. Sheila will share best business practices for setting up your business from the ground up and lead you in several exercises and explorations to help your creative juices begin to lead you on the path to taking your handmade goods or artistic abilities out into the marketplace. Additional resources, connections and avenues within the industry will be discussed and provided to help you continue to flesh out what you want to be when you grow up!
Taught by Sheila Ryan from Designs by Babymoon

Stitch a Reindeer Cubbie
Cubbies are adorable stuffed animals that can easily be unstuffed (zippered bottom) and embroidered. We'll be stitching an adorable reindeer Cubby which would make a perfect Christmas gift for the special children in your life on a multi -needle without using specialty hoops. Learn how to create the cutest personalized reindeer ever on a multi -needle machine,  and with no need for specialty hoops. Alexis Galloway of Sew Sweet Academy will give you all the tips and tricks that will make embroidering Cubbies a breeze.  
Taught by Alexis Galloway from Sew Sweet Academy

Perfecting Embroidery Lettering
In this class, you will learn how to create crisp and clean looking lettering for all your embroidery projects. You'll learn how to ensure the lettering height lines up correctly and looks even, how to choose the correct underlay and density settings, and so much more. Plus, you get great tips and tricks for doing lettering on specialty items, like hats. If you do a lot of embroidery lettering and want to make sure to get the lettering to look its best, you don't want to miss this class.
Taught by DJ Anderson from Digitizing Masterclass
In the Hoop Ornament
Let's get ready to deck the halls! In this class, Alexis Galloway from Sew Sweet Academy will teach you how to create an in -the -hoop ornament with a bonus display card on Canva, the design platform for making beautiful graphics and animations. We'll stitch a fun holiday ornament for your tree or as a fun gift idea this holiday season
Taught by Alexis Galloway from Sew Sweet Academy

Sublimation Markers, Stamp Pads, and Paints - Oh My!
Artesprix has taken sublimation to a whole new crafty level with their innovative markers, stamp pads and paints! No fancy printer or paper is needed to create beautiful projects that will last a lifetime. Libby will show you how to use each of these sublimation craft mediums are used, and how you can combine them, to create fun and easy projects you and the entire family will love!
Taught by Libby Ashcraft for Artesprix

Digitizing 101
If you are new to digitizing embroidery designs or struggle to get the results you want, you don't want to miss this class. In this class, you'll learn the concepts needed to get started digitizing your own designs. You'll learn how to account for different fabrics, how to plan a design for the correct stitch sequence, how to apply the correct settings for your stitches, and so much more. This class is great for anyone wanting to learn how to digitize and those that have been digitizing their own designs but not getting the results they want.
Taught by DJ Anderson from Digitizing Masterclass

Print and Cut
Print and Cut - - it's one of the most -used techniques with electronic cutters! The ability to print then cut your designs allows you to create a wide variety of projects to include stickers, invitations, and sublimation! We'll cover many different techniques for successful cutting, then we will look at some of the fun projects you can create with this great technique. Come join in the fun! Techniques learned in class apply to all electronic cutters.
Taught by Libby Ashcraft from Libby's Loft

Felt Christmas Ornament
Watch Vicki with Vicki's Embroidery Station as she shows you how to make one of her adorable Appliqued Felt Christmas Ornaments from start to finish all in one hooping. Get tips on stabilizing, trimming, and finishing. Great class to get you started on some wonderful keepsake ornaments.
Taught by Vicki Sanderson from Vicki's Embroidery Station

Perfecting Patches
Patches are versatile, and with the recycle and reuse trend, they're hot right now. In this class, Jeff Fuller, owner of Fuller Embroidery Works, will teach you the ins and outs of creating a patch. He'll show you what supplies you need, how to create your patch and the finishing techniques you need to make your patch professional. Whether it's patches for a motorcycle club, a patch to cover the hole on a jacket or backpack, or patches for your local school teams, this class will give you the knowledge and technique to make perfect patches every time.
Taught by Jeff Fuller from Fuller Embroidery Works

Santa's Helper Elf Costume
Join the fun and antics of the sassy little Elf as Vicki from Vicki's Embroidery Station shows you how to create a special costume to give your elf a mischievous disguise. This machine embroidery class will be filled with tips and tricks and silly elf antics
Taught by Vicki Sanderson from Vicki's Embroidery Station

Sublimation Trouble shooting 101
Nicky will help to guide you through some common sublimation mishaps with basic troubleshooting. For example, she will explain the difference between over -cooked and under -cooked items along with many other tips and tricks. With just a little know -how, she will help you along on your sublimation journey.
Taught by Nicky Adamkiewicz, The Sassy Subber

Lace Dreamcatcher Ornament
Christmas ornaments are popular items at craft fairs, lovely decorations for your holiday tree, and wonderful gifts for friends and family.  Learn how to make your own Lace Dreamcatcher Ornament in this class with Adam Fuller. He will walk you through the steps of digitizing the ornament, and give you a list of the materials needed for a successful project. The class will then detail the steps of embroidering the ornament and then finish with assembling the finished product.  Whether it's a gift for a loved one, or a cherished decoration for your own holiday tree, this ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake.  
Taught by Adam Fuller from BJJ Hats

Life after the Holiday Rush
Nicky will explain what you should be doing after the holidays, things to help you get to the end of your busy season and things you should be thinking about as you head into the new year. Everything from basic shop maintenance to what holidays and events we should be planning for next will be covered.
Taught by Nicky Adamkiewicz, The Sassy Subber

Adding Spice To Your Social Media Recipe
We all know the basic recipe for social media, be consistent, encourage engagement, don't sell too hard or too often. It's a good basic recipe, but it lacks excitement, and the extra spice that attracts people to profiles and keeps them there. In this class, writer, marketer and online community builder Kristine Shreve will show you how to spice up your social media profiles. Using her techniques you can build trust, increase engagement and create profiles that not only hold current friends or fans, but attract new ones.
Taught by Kristine Shreve, host of the popular Women + Business Podcast and founder of the Women in Garment Decoration Group

Repair, Restore, and Re-style!
The average American throws away a shocking 80 pounds of clothing per year. Let's do our part to keep textile waste out of landfills (and save money at the same time) by using our embroidery machine to give new life to garments that need a little TLC. Lyndsie will show you trendy, creative ways to repair ripped jeans, busted belt loops, split seams and holes. Embroidery design downloads will be provided.
Taught by Lyndsie Salcido from Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery

Learn How to Make a Two Color Rhinestone Shirt
Join Renee as she demonstrates how to make a two color rhinestone shirt. This is a cute winter themed design that would be a perfect holiday gift. It would look great on a sweatshirt, long sleeve t -shirt or the back of a jacket. It's easy to do and the results are so eye catching!
Taught by Renee Matushima from Tee Mart

Next Level Crafting with The Silhouette and Glowforge
Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over? Why not combine two very powerful machines, your silhouette and glowforge to create something unique, and fun? You and your customers will fall in love with the result. This will add a whole new dimension to your crafting abilities and to your shop.
Taught by Lisa Potts from Lisa Potts Designs


Online Stores for Beginners
Setting up an online store doesn't have to be a nightmare.  In this class I will show you how to set up a basic shop in less than 30 min!
Taught by Lauren Owens of Armadillo Custom Tees

Make an ITH Mini Composition Notebook Cover
Need a place to jot down gift ideas or keep track of who's being naughty? You'll always have one on hand after you make a holiday themed mini composition notebook cover with Melissa from Designs by Little Bee!
Taught by Melissa Harris from Designs by Little Bee

Deck the Halls With Laser Goods
The holiday season is in full swing, so let's make the most of our vinyl cutters and laser machines! In this class, Lisa Potts will show you how to design and set up easy projects that will be your holiday season staples! Using a combination of simplicity and customization, users will learn how to harness Silhouette Studio to create holiday items that are sure to please!
Taught by Lisa Potts from Lisa Potts Designs


Adding Layers Adds Value
Sublimation, Embroidery and Bling are perfect partners for unique gifts.  In this class I will show you how to upsell your customers and add value to your custom products using multiple decoration methods.
Taught by Lauren Owens of Armadillo Custom Tees

How to add a Large Applique Name to a Baby Gown using a Brother PE800
In this class, Karlie Belle will show you how to applique a name on a baby gown. This project will go over how to use BX applique fonts in Embrilliance Essentials, along with how to split the design into 2 hoopings using the large 5x12 multi -positional hoop for the Brother PE800/ SE1900. After that, she will go over some of the basics of applique with tips and tricks to get the best looking baby gown. If you don't have a machine with a multi -position hoop, this project can be done on whatever hoop size is available for your machine.
Taught by Karlie Bonstaff from Karlie Belle

Crazy for Cork
If the only use for cork you've ever encountered is closing a wine bottle, then you need to widen your horizons. In this class from Jacki Bauman of Ellia Jacksford, you'll learn how to use cork in your embroidery. From finding the perfect cork item to embroider, to special techniques for embroidering cork, to finding the perfect projects in which to use cork, Jacki will answer all your questions about using this unique and versatile material.
Taught by Jacki Baumann from Ellia Jacksford Designs

Crafty Cards and More!
Paper isn't the first material people think of when they think of things to embroider, but combining paper and embroidery can have beautiful results. In this class from Dawn Chace of Creative Appliques, you will learn what types of paper adapt to embroidery, how to stabilize paper, and how to hoop paper properly. The class will also cover the types of supplies to use along with what designs work best with paper. Whether you want to make a personalized card or a framed piece of art, this class will give you the info you need to tackle this fun medium.
Taught by Dawn Chace from Creative Appliques

Christmas Printing Getaway Style
Join us to learn how you can print three different items with a fun Christmas theme. In this class we will show you how to use a heat press and custom transfers to print a Christmas stocking, a crewneck sweatshirt and a t -shirt. The class will teach the use of both one color and full color printing. And all you need is a heat press to do this yourself. These items will make great gifts and you can purchase a kit with all the items included prior to the class so you can print right along with us. When the class is over you have three gifts ready for gift giving (or keep it as a reward for yourself).
Taught by Transfer Express

How to Design Party Favors
In this course, we will design two party favors (chip bags and juice pouch labels). I will show you how to use our blank templates to create beautiful artwork. I will also provide information about materials needed and where to find supplies to create party favors. 
Taught by Prettina Roberts from This Little Light Expressions

How to use Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Party Favor Business
In this course I will go over all the techniques I used to go from 0 followers to more than 101k followers across 3 social media platforms. I will also give you tips on different types of videos you can do to grab your followers attention. 
Taught by Prettina Roberts from This Little Light Expressions



Lisa Shaw from Sew Bubbles/Embrilliance
Alexis Galloway from Sew Sweet Academy
Jeff Fuller from Fuller Embroidery Works
Adam Fuller from BJJ Hats
Jacki Bauman from Ellia Jacksford Designs
Karlie Bonstaff from Karlie Belle
Lauren Owens from Armadillo Tees
Libby Ashcraft from Libby's Loft
Lisa Potts from Lisa Potts Designs
Melissa Harris from Designs by Little Bee
Peggy Severt from Pegboard Crafts
Sheila Ryan from Designs by Babymoon
Vicki Sanderson from Vicki's Embroidery Station
Renee Matushima from Tee Mart
Cathy Ware from Designs by Wild Hare
Prettina Roberts from This Little Light Expressions
Nicky Adamkiewicz, The Sassy Subber
Dawn Chace from Creative Appliques
DJ Anderson from Digitizing Masterclass
Sue Wilcosky from Transfer Express
Lyndsie Salcido from Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery

Kristine Shreve, host of the popular Women + Business Podcast

and founder of the Women in Garment Decoration Group


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