In Person Classes at The Applique GETAWAY DFW TX June 27-30, 2024. Join us to learn more about embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, and more!







Hands-On Workshops

Optional Thursday workshops are 2-2.5 hours long and are interactive, hands-on experiences.


Multimedia Mania - Stephanie Young

Join Stephanie Young of Siser NA to learn how to use vinyl to upcycle items and to add color, sparkle and shine to your products. Oh, you thought vinyl was only useful with your electronic cutter? In this seminar class, you'll discover how to add vinyl to your other crafts like sublimation and embroidery. You'll also learn about the many types of vinyl available and the effects that each can create. Learn how much fun and creativity vinyl can bring to your work, whether you're creating items for others, or crafting for your own enjoyment. Class participants will also receive samples of vinyl to use while conducting their own decoration experiments.


Beginner Customizing with Embrilliance Essentials - Lisa Shaw

We will learn about some of the customizing features of Embrilliance Essentials during this HANDS ON project class. From using the lettering tool and exploring the controls available to you, to adding designs/ lettering to in the hoop designs to understanding the remove hidden stitches function. Lots of information in this Embrilliance Essentials customizing class. REQUIREMENTS: a laptop with Essentials installed, power cord, and mouse. Yes, you can use the demonstration version, but you will not be able to save the project in class.


Getting Started with Silhouette Studio - Libby Ashcraft
Join us as we explore Silhouette Studio. This class is great for beginners and as a refresher for others. We will cover the tools and panels in Studio and spend time working with text, shapes and designs. This class is great for those who use Studio with their Silhouette products and also those who use it with another cutter, like the Scan ‘n Cut, Cricut or Siser Juliet.

3D Digitizing for In The Hoop Embroidery Design - Sheila Ryan - Designs by Babymoon
In this long format seminar workshop, participants will explore concepts and digitizing techniques that are useful for creating projects of their own with their digitizing software for stitching on their home or commercial embroidery machines. Participants will learn details of In The Hoop material and material preparation, techniques for including hardware and zippers, pockets, and ways to construct various projects all with the embroidery machine. Understanding of basic digitizing processes is required as a pre-requisite, but this class is not software-specific.


Digitize a fob in Embrilliance StitchArtist - Lisa Shaw

In this class you will learn the digitizing techniques required to turn any design into a fob/snap tab/luggage tag using StitchArtist L1. We will practice drawing with points for efficient digitizing and future editing of our objects. We will talk about the stitching order, stitch types, starts and stops - all the StitchArtist functions that go into creating your own IN THE HOOP projects. REQUIREMENTS: a laptop with StitchArtist installed, power cord, and mouse. Yes, you can use the demonstration version, but you will not be able to save the project in class.

Sublimation meets Embroidery: Printing & Stitching Your Vision - Nicky Adamkiewicz
Join Nicky on a creative journey where sublimation printing meets embroidery magic! Discover how to select and print on fabrics, webbing, and glitter vinyl for your embroidery projects. No experience necessary - just bring your curiosity and creativity!  An embroidery design file will be sent out to attendees so that you may stitch your own project to sublimate hands-on in class!

Add Sparkle to Your Life (and Bank Account) with Rhinestones - Eve Lowry
Add some bling to everything around you and to your bank account with this class from Eve Lowry of The Baby's Booty. Learn how to add bling to a variety of items and grow your income at the same time. In this class you'll learn how to find rhinestone designs, cut them on your cutter (no matter what brand of cutter you have) and make a tote bag from the template you create. Learn how fun, and profitable, the world of bling can be!

Social Learning Events

These unique evening sessions are jam-packed with information and FUN!


Friday Night Bling Fling Party with Eve Lowry
Calling all sparkle aficionados and glam gurus! Get ready to dazzle and bedazzle every inch of your world with our fantastical "Friday Night Bling Fling" class.
Prepare to enter a shimmering soiree where canvas tote bags go from drab to fab with the magic touch of your newly acquired rhinestone skills. Whether you're a master crafter or just stepping into the shiny side of life, this class is your first-class ticket to the glitziest gala in town.
What's included in your Bling Fling extravaganza:
• Material Madness: We've got you covered with all the blingy goods! Your very own rhinestone template and a bevy of brilliant stones are on us to create that eye-catching transfer.
• Crafting Commotion: Brush those stones into place with the expertise you'll gain - no pixie dust required, just your sparkling personality!
• Bling Buffet: Craving more pizzazz? Feast your eyes and fingers on our additional templates and stone options for purchase, because too much is never enough when you're in Bling Town.
• Camaraderie & Glitterati: Mingle with kindred spirits who share your passion for that razzle-dazzle. It's a crafting party, and you're the guest of honor!
Buckle up for a night where the glimmer is real and the creations are spectacular. This isn't just a class; it's a glittery movement, and you're leading the sparkle revolution!
Class Date and Times
• This Friday Night that sparkles
• Bling o'clock (We start when the first rhinestone shines)
Can't wait to bling with you at the Friday Night Bling Fling. Come for the sparkles, stay for the fun, leave with a tote that screams "I made this gem!"
Seats are as limited as a diamond mine, so shine on over to the registration page before they're all snatched up!


Prioritizing Your Business and Saving Your Sass in Style - Saturday Night Bingo! with The Sassy Subber

We're flipping the script on traditional learning! Join Nicky for an unforgettable evening of bingo fun with a twist. Running a small business is like playing bingo - you never know which number will pop up next.  Setting priorities is like picking your winning numbers: you might not get them all right away, but keep dabbing away until you hit the jackpot!  As you dab your way through the bingo card, Nicky will share valuable insights on setting priorities and fixing mistakes in the whimsical world of small business. Remember, every "oops" is just another square on your journey to business success. So, grab your dabber, prioritize those squares, and when you make a blunder, yell 'Bingo!' and celebrate the learning opportunity!"  Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even win a prize as you uncover the secrets to business success and "saving your sass"!  Cash bar will be available.

VIP Classes

Friday VIP and VIP Pro classes are held on Friday and Saturday before shopping opens


VIP PRO Social Media Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide for Mature Entrepreneurs - Nicky Adamkiewicz
Unlock the secrets of social media marketing with our tailored course designed specifically for small business owners over 40. In this beginner-friendly class, we'll simplify the complexities of social media, providing easy-to-understand strategies and hands-on guidance to help you confidently navigate platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Join us to demystify social media, connect with your audience, and take your business to new heights in the digital age!

VIP PRO Capturing the Attention of Your Audience: A Fresh Approach to Product Photography - Sheila Ryan
In this long format session we will get inside the mind of your buyers and learn to see the amazing things you make from their perspective! We will learn how to better present our products in a way that makes people want what you've got. Sounds too good to be true? It really isn't, but having some new tools in your toolkit (and learning to use the ones you already have!) will help you grab the attention of your ideal customer and help them push the "buy now" button. We will have practical homework that will get you seeing your own products with a fresh perspective and motivating you to capture them in a brand new way, as well as very practical steps that you can implement the very next time you snap a photo!


VIP PRO Turn Scraps Into Cash - Stephanie Young
We all have them in our craft rooms and workshops, scraps that are too big to throw away, but often too small for a major project. In this class, So Stephanie Says will teach you how to take your scraps and turn them into cash. She'll share some quick projects using scraps that can be made quickly and used to build a profit center for your business, or to bring in income to support your craft habit. Whether you sell at a local craft show or sell online to the world at large, this class will give you some new product ideas and help you decrease your scrap stash.


VIP PRO Organizing your Embrilliance Fonts - Lisa Shaw

The newest release of AlphaTricks includes the Font Manager for ALL of your fonts - both stitch based BX and Native BX fonts. From tagging fonts to using the search and filters - We will talk about how to use this new function to find the font you need when you need it.


VIP PRO All the Single Ladies: How to Make the Most of Your Single Needle Embroidery Machine - Alexis Galloway
An interactive workshop dedicated to mastering the art of hooping with your single needle machine! I'll share my techniques and strategies for hooping various items effectively. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned stitcher, this class will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle a wide range of hooping challenges.


VIP PRO Reverse Applique - Techniques and Creative Applications - Julie Hansberry
Reverse Applique is a unique way to utilize applique techniques "in reverse". In this class you will not only learn the techniques for this method of applique, but also explore the many creative and practical applications for the decorative method.


VIP Digitizing Texture in StitchArtist Level 2 - Lisa Shaw

Texture can be physical such as puffy 3d foam effects, feathering and fringe stitches. It can also be visual with layering of stitches to create depth of color. In this class we will explore the options available to you to play with to add depth, dimension and interest to your digitized designs.


VIP Mastering Digital Organization: Simplify Your File Management - Nicky Adamkiewicz
Struggling to find files on your computer? Join our workshop to learn how to organize your digital files efficiently. Discover easy-to-follow strategies for decluttering, categorizing, and managing your files, saving you time and reducing stress.
In this hands-on session, we'll cover folder structures, naming conventions, and file tagging, ensuring you can locate your files with ease. Bring your laptop and get ready to revolutionize your digital workspace!


VIP Stuffies and Squishies: Using the power of your embroidery machine to turn flat embroidery into three dimensional fun - Sheila Ryan
In this session you will learn tips and tricks for using your embroidery machine to make the cutest stuffed toys! If you have a 4x4 hoop you can make a stuffie! If you have a great big hoop you can make a stuffie! I'll show you all the things you need to do for the best result with your embroidery machine for making wonderful 3D stuffed projects! Arms, legs, ears - no problem! You will feel exceptionally confident after this class and be ready to stitch all kinds of stuffed toys on your single needle or multineedle embroidery machine! Participants will receive a complete kit for a beginner stuffie project that has everything they need to create a stuffie on their embroidery machine as soon as they get back to their own machines.


VIP All The Ways to Applique - Stephanie Young
When we think of applique, we tend to think of fabric, but that's not the only material which can be used. In this class, we'll explore various ways and materials to use with applique! Stephanie from Siser will introduce you to a whole new world of crafting where embroidery and HTV collide. New to sublimation? Guess what? Stephanie will show you how to incorporate it into applique as well. If you're new to applique, or looking to up your applique game, this class is for you!


VIP Quilting with An Embroidery Machine - Sheila Ryan
This class will discuss various methods of quilting: either making quilt blocks in the hoop, or stitch all over quilting using an embroidery machine. Students will learn how to take any design and turn it into a quilt block based on hoop size. We will discuss how to create custom quilting designs using software or special features that are available on some Brother & Baby Lock machines. We will also go over different resources and supplies for quilting with an embroidery machine.


VIP Let's Push Some Buttons!  - Lyndsie Salcido

Whether you are new to digitizing and struggling with information overload or you're a more experienced digitizer looking for inspiration, this open-ended, interactive, freeform session is for you!  Attendees will be able to submit their burning "how do you..." questions before class.  We will look at stitched samples and then learn which digitizing techniques can be used to achieve the same results.  Bring your curiosity and prepare for an eye-opening experience! 

Lyndsie will be working in Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 3 and Wilcom Embroidery Studio. Using both programs helps to demonstrate that successfully digitizing a design requires an idea and then learning how to execute it. Software is just your tool! 


VIP Multimedia Trunk Show - Stephanie Young
Love to thrift? Want to repurpose that jacket that has been hanging out in the closet? Join So Stephanie Says as she upcycles a denim jacket with multi media. Stephanie will show you the ins & outs of everything you want to know about working with Heat Transfer Vinyl, EasyColor®DTV™, sublimation and embroidery. DTV which can be used with an inkjet printer. Combine embroidery with heat transfer vinyl, as applique, or as mixed media giving dimension. You name it - the possibilities are endless with Siser. 


VIP From Bling Crafts to Cash Stacks - Eve Lowry
Looking to fulfill both your artistic desires and your need to bring in income? Eve Lowry can help you meet both goals! In this class, she'll be your guide through the process of creating eye-catching crafts that satisfy both your artistic desires, and attract the buyers you want and need. From sourcing sustainable materials to leveraging social media for marketing, this class will cover all you need to ignite your craft business journey.

Saturday and Sunday Classes

Regular sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long


Envelopes and Baselines - Lisa Shaw

How to use them in the Embrilliance platform and how to create your own in StitchArtist. Envelopes shape your lettering to fill and object like a megaphone, a diamond, a rocker patch or any shape that has two distinct sides and a top and bottom constraint. Baselines give your lettering a specific path to follow. We will discuss how these are used in the Embrilliance programs and design collections AND how to create your own using StitchArtist.


Don't LOSE your Stitches!! - Lisa Shaw

When you are stitching on knit beanies, Cuddle or minky blankets, or even loopy bath towels, you do not want your embroidery design to be lost in the texture of the fabric. We will talk about what you can do in software AND at the machine to help your embroidery stand out when stitched on these types of fabrics.


Machine Embroidery Lingo - Lisa Shaw

If you are new to Machine Embroidery it can sometimes seem like people are talking a foreign language. From acronyms (ITH or WSS) to embroidery formats to software terms like digitizing vs customizing or fonts vs alphabet designs and then of course there the digitizing terms like density, underlay and pull compensation - it can be overwhelming and confusing. This class will demystify the language of machine embroidery!

Passion for Patches: Stitching and Styling Patches with your embroidery machine - Sheila Ryan
Have you joined the patch party? In this session we will explore several different ways to create patches with your embroidery machine including patches on various substrates, different types of patch borders and application methods. We will also explore creative ways to style patches that reflect current fashion trends and appeal to a broad market. Participants will have so much fun exploring the world of patches and receive a fun set of patch downloads that they can try on their own embroidery machines.

New to Embroidery - Start Here - Your Embroidery Journey Map - Alexis Galloway
Are you new to the world of machine embroidery? Have you been seeking a path that leads to the treasures of creating beautiful designs with thread and fabric? Your quest begins here! This journey is designed to transform beginners into confident embroiderers.

Beginner Freestanding Lace - Ramona McKee
Have you ever seen a freestanding lace ornament? Or a set of earrings? Wondering how those designs were created and itching to give it a try yourself? In this class, Ramona McKee of Quick2Stitch gives you the lowdown on freestanding lace (FSL). You'll learn the principles of creating freestanding lace, what supplies you need, how the process works and what it can be used to create. You'll also learn how to digitize a simple FSL design file from start to finish. If you've never made an FSL project or created an FSL design, this is the class for you!

Advanced Freestanding Lace - Ramona McKee
Maybe you've dabbled in creating freestanding lace ornaments or earrings. You've mastered the basics and now you're eager to take your FSL designs to the next level. In this class, Ramona McKee of Quick2Stitch will teach you how to build a lace project that does not have a background base. This means the columns will be self-supporting. If you've been wanting to take your FSL projects and designs to the next level, this class is definitely the one for you.

The Basics of Embroidery - What do I really need and where do I start? - Julie Hansberry
Getting started in embroidery can be overwhelming for sure! What supplies do you really need? What type of machine? Do you need software and if so, what type? And let's not even get started on the overwhelming amount of options for all it! In the class we will start at the very beginning...step by step, and Julie will share all of her favorite resources too!

Let's talk about making money with your hobby! - Julie Hansberry
Have you considered starting a business with your craft? Do you have friends and family telling you "You should sell your stuff"? Curious if you have what it takes to turn your hobby into a viable business? Whether you want to do so part-time, or full-time, starting a business is a big decision. In this class we will not only explore the basics of starting a business, but the "mindset of making money" (one of Julie's personal favorite topics!).

Sewing and Craft Room Essentials - Angela Holley
Join Angela to learn about unique notions and products that are available and how they can benefit you in your sewing or craft room! Learn about Terial Magic and its uses. BoNash offers a variety of products including: iron covers, ironing board covers, fiberglass pressing sheets, BoNash powder (a must-see!) and more. Come see how these products work and how they can make your crafting life easier. Samples and products will be available for you to see. As always there will be a class handout to help you remember all the fun stuff. A goody bag and coupon will be provided.

All About Cork - Angela Holley
What is cork fabric and how do you use it? Join Angela to learn exactly how you can use cork to create unique gifts or offer something new in your business. Cork is versatile and easy to use for ITH, applique, or sewing projects. Samples will be available to inspire you to get CREATIVE with CORK. A goody bag with a sample and coupon will be provided.

Fabric Frenzy - Libby Ashcraft
This class will take you through the tips and tricks for successful fabric cutting with your electronic cutter! Learn how to stabilize fabric (both with and without a backing) for clean, crisp cuts. Create no-sew Fabric projects with your cutter. No more tedious trimming applique pieces in the hoop!! Libby shares the tips and tricks for cutting, importing embroidery designs into your software and cutting your applique pieces.

Taking the Mystery Out of Your Scan N Cut - Libby Ashcraft
The Scan n Cut features the ability to scan designs for later cutting and manipulation. We'll talk about the differences in Direct Cut and Scan to Cut Data. Learn how to fine-tune your settings to get the best possible scans. Practice your new skills making a project with Siser's new Direct To Vinyl (DTF) and a set of gift cards.

Sublimation the Artesprix Way - Libby Ashcraft
Looking for a way to get started in Sublimation? Want a quick, easy, fun project for to do with your family this Summer? Join Libby as she goes over the basics of sublimation and shares tips and tricks for using Artesprix Sublimation Arts and Crafts Supplies to create beautiful, permanent, personalized items WITHOUT a sublimation printer! That's right, no sublimation printer required! Libby will discuss ways you could incorporate using your electronic cutter as well as what crafting tools you already have that will compliment your Iron-on-Ink Artesprix projects. Artesprix makes Sublimation fun, easy, and accessible for everyone.

Photoshop Essentials: A Beginner's Guide - Nicky Adamkiewicz
Dive into the world of digital creativity with our "Photoshop Essentials" class! Perfect for beginners, this session covers the basics of Photoshop in a friendly and approachable manner. No scary stuff - just simple, practical knowledge to get you started on your creative journey. Join us and unlock the power of Photoshop with confidence!

Intro to Inkscape for Sublimation - Jodi Sykes
Inkscape is a free & open-source vector graphics editor & creator. This class will be an introduction to the software and how to use it to print sublimation designs. We'll cover the different file types Inkscape can open and save, changing colors of a vector (.svg), how to correctly save files, and sublimation design creation and printing.

Embroidery Stabilizers 101 - Wendy Skaggs
This class is an introduction to the different types of stabilizers used in machine embroidery. Students will learn about the purpose of stabilizers, the various types available, and how to choose the right stabilizer for their project. They will also gain hands-on experience with different stabilizers and learn best practices for using them effectively.

The Easiest Way to Print Apparel - Stahl's Transfer Express
Equipped with only a heat press, learn how you can print your own retail-quality t-shirts, hoodies, and more with heat transfers. We will talk about heat presses, transfer costs, their differences, and application techniques. There will be samples of many different printing options to see and feel. And everyone will get to print a shirt to take home.


How to Save Time and Make a Tutu in 20 Minutes - Krafting Blanks

In this presentation, we'll uncover the secrets to creating stunning tutus in just 20 minutes, saving you valuable time while enhancing your kid's custom offering. Tutus, despite their seemingly simple design, often demand tedious effort, making them a bottleneck in your creative process. We'll delve into innovative methods and tools that streamline the tutu-making process, allowing you to produce them efficiently without compromising their quality.


How to Make Money Selling Tutus - Krafting Blanks

In this presentation, we'll delve into the vibrant world of selling tutus and unlocking its profit potential. We'll explore strategic approaches to creating price points, leveraging the diversity of tutu styles to cater to various customer preferences and budgets. Moreover, we'll uncover the symbiotic relationship between tutus and custom items like applique shirts for children, demonstrating how combining these products can amplify sales and foster customer loyalty. From crafting compelling product offerings to mastering marketing tactics, this presentation will equip you with the insights and strategies needed to thrive in the tutu market and turn your passion into profit.



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