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Classes and presentations are each 60-90 minutes long followed by discussion time with the instructor.  There are no additional fees for any Applique Getaway classes.  You may take as many classes as your schedule allows and you do not need to bring any supplies.  You may want bring a pencil and paper, electronic tablet or laptop computer for taking notes. 

(B) = Beginner.  Beginner classes are perfect if you are just getting started!    

   (E) = Intermediate/Everyone.  These classes will benefit anyone who has an interest in the topic.  We recommend first taking a beginner level class if you are new. 

  (A) = Small Business/Advanced.  These classes are best for those who already have some experience with the topic or those who are looking to open or grow a small business.

(D) = Demonstration/Product information session.  These sessions will focus on information related to features and pricing of select products.


(B) Let's Get It Started (Intro to Machine Applique) -- Watch the applique process from start to finish with step-by-step explanation. Learn about proper hooping, stabilizers, trimming, and more!

Taught by: Melissa Bryan from Big Bee Applique.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique


(B) Embroidery Basic Essentials -- Regardless of the machine brand you own, the end results should always be the same: beautiful stitches creating soft embroidery! Getting consistent results begins with a firm grasp of the basics. Explore hooping basics, choosing the right stabilizer, selecting appropriate needles and thread, along with repairing and finishing your embroidery. Bonus: discuss choosing the right design and customizing it as needed for the fabric you’re working with.  

Taught by: John Deer from Adorable Ideas by John Deer.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique


(B) The Right Stuff -- New to machine applique or not satisfied with how your finished projects look?  Learn about the tools and supplies that you need for a flawless applique stitch out!  Compare different types of stabilizers, needles, thread, and more!  See for yourself how the quality of the supplies you use affects your projects.   

Taught by: Lyndsie Salcido from Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery  (Saturday only)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique


(B) ScanNCut Basics – Join Libby to learn the basic features of the Brother ScanNCut machine, including editing features. She will also cover using the scanning features to create designs and fussy cutting using your ScanNCut.

Taught by:  Libby Ashcraft  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Brother ScanNCut ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Take it out of the Box! (Intro to Silhouette Cameo) -- Become familiar with digital cutting and learn how you can integrate cutting machine technology into your hobby or business. Learn the basics of cutting and applying heat transfer and adhesive vinyl.  Save time and expand your creative options!  This class is taught on the Silhouette Cameo machine.   

Taught by: Lyndsie Salcido from Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ● Silhouette Cameo ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Tricks of the Trade – Improve your productivity and the quality of your work!  Learn shortcuts and clever techniques that will save you time and help you recover from some of the most common embroidery goofs.  Even experienced embroiderers make mistakes!  Follow along with the Queen Bee as she shares creative techniques to help you prevent and recover from common embroidery blunders.

Taught by: Melissa Harris from Designs by Little Bee.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Social Media 101 – Social media guru Mary Beth will teach you all about navigating Facebook and Instagram, posting on Facebook and Instagram, scheduling posts, using and creating hashtags, creating collages, adding words to pictures, invoicing and using PayPal, and how to promote your Facebook and Instagram pages and gain followers.  

Taught by: Mary Beth Soden from Blonde Bombshell Designs.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Applique - from software to fabric cutter to machine -- If you have a cutting machine (Brother Scan N Cut, Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explorer, etc) and an embroidery machine, Embrilliance Essentials bridges the two by saving cut files from your applique embroidery designs.  Lisa is going to walk you through the ENTIRE process from Essentials to Fabric Cutter to stitch out at the machine.  In the software we will set up overlapping applique designs and see how to tell the software to remove the finishing stitches hidden by the "applique fabric", inflate the shape and save it to a cutting file format.  Before we cut our shapes we will talk about fabric preparation and working with materials other than cotton.  Once our shapes are cut we will head to the machine and put this all together to create our design.   

Taught by: Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie  representing Embrilliance Software.  (Saturday only)

●Digital Cutting ●Embrilliance Essentials Software ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Slide into Fundraising -- In this class, we will show you how to get involved with your local schools for fundraising by using In the Hoop designs from AKA Applique. We will walk you thru the process of making a mascot headband slider and a mascot key fob, while discussing tips and tricks and supplies to help you be successful! 

Taught by: Amy Casford from Muffin Noodle Designs featuring designs from AKA Applique (Saturday and Sunday)

●Machine Embroidery ●In the Hoop  ●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(A) Beyond the Basics with Silhouette! – Now that it’s out of the box and you’re in love, learn more about the many versatile applications that your Silhouette cameo offers!  We will go over print and cut and how to do it successfully the first time and how to create printable vinyl with a home printer.  Learn how to achieve an amazing look with foil and also how to subtract layers to create a smooth effect with layered heat transfer vinyl. 

Taught by: Elizabeth Hernandez from the Applique Diva (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Silhouette Cameo ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Fun Effects Embroidery -- This class is all about the fun techniques you can create with embroidery. Explore the steps involved in creating a host of different in-the-hoop effects: applique, reverse applique and cutwork, fringe embroidery, 3D embroidery, embroidery with mylar, free-standing lace and much, much more! The best part about this class is you will have access to tutorials and embroidery files for all the techniques shown, so you can play when you get home!

Taught by: John Deer from Adorable Ideas by John Deer.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique ●In the Hoop ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Easy Embroidery Design Customizing with Embrilliance for all levels -- The reason you want embroidery software is to make your time at the embroidery machine more about the embroidery - hooping, stabilizing, choosing thread colors, making sure the design stitches where you want it to etc. Even if your machine has the ability to combine designs, resize them with stitch recalculation and sort colors - you are still limited by what you can do and how fast you can do it. Software is the solution and this class will show you how easy it is to customize embroidery designs using Embrilliance customizing programs. We will start with the basics of combining designs, resizing and lettering with our favorite BX fonts! You will see how easy and straightforward this is to do and want to see more cool stuff such as chopping up designs, creating borders and quilt labels and MORE!

Taught by: Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie  representing Embrilliance Software.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Embrilliance Software ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Rhinestones Made Easy -- Discover how to incorporate rhinestones in your projects with ease.  Lisa Potts from The Rhinestone World will explore rhinestones including the basics of a good stone, the easiest tools for creating, the rhinestone panel in Silhouette Designer Edition, and creating rhinestone decals and apparel.  Learn how to add some sparkle to everyday objects as well as dazzle in apparel.  Find out exactly how easy rhinestones can be with maximum results.

Taught by: Lisa Potts from The Rhinestone World.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Silhouette Cameo ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Oh, the Places You Can Go! -- Your ScanNCut is not just for fabric and paper! Learn about vinyl, rhinestones, heat transfer materials, foil and cutting fabric! Techniques and tricks for etching, creating stencils and paper will be shown. Join Libby for this exciting class on all the things you can do with your Scan n Cut!

Taught by:  Libby Ashcraft  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Brother ScanNCut ●Fresh Ideas


(A) Adding Value to Your Sales – Join Myra from Funky Monkey Blanks and More to learn about fun and unique ways to add value to your personalized and custom made item sales.  You customers will love the extra added value you can add with freebies, unique packaging, and low cost add-ons.  Myra’s tips will help you stand out and keep your customers coming back for more!

Taught by:  Myra Castles from Funky Monkey Blanks and More (Saturday and Sunday)

●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(E) 10 Steps To Starting A Craft Business -- Want to start a business but have no idea where to begin? HoopMama will walk you through the steps you need to know before you start selling. She’ll the questions that are burning on your mind and keeping you from taking that next step.  Already have a business but want to do more than just "make some things... to sell some things?" Come back to your foundation with these steps and get your business on the path to success!  All you need is something to take notes with and a desire to turn your hobby into an income producing business!

Taught by:  Jeanna Hooper from HoopMama (Saturday and Sunday)

●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Quilt-y stuff on the embroidery machine -- Traditional quilting is complicated but at the embroidery machine, with tools such as Embrilliance StitchArtist and AccuQuilt Go dies, the process to get beautiful quilted projects is quick and easy. In this class, we will talk about planning your quilted project, by adding stippling or echo quilting to your designs. If you have an AccuQuilt Go we will talk about the appliqué shape libraries that can be added to any of the Embrilliance programs - these are modifiable digitized shapes for the Accuquilt appliqué dies - so you can create your own appliqué design layouts WITHOUT having to digitize anything! No quilting experience required!

Taught by: Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie  representing Embrilliance Software.  (Sunday only)

Embrilliance Embroidery Software ●Digital Cutting ●Machine Embroidery ●Quilting ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Product Photography Hands-On – In this class we will tackle how to style and take quality photos for your shop or portfolio.  We will discuss style and composition before you divide into small groups to set-up and photograph your own concepts! 

Taught by:  Rachel Steele from Dottie M Studio (Saturday only)

●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas ●Hands-On


(E) Applique Cutting with Your Silhouette Cameo -- Want to learn how to work with applique embroidery design files to use the Silhouette Cameo to cut your applique fabric?  A lesson and demonstration on preparing your fabric, cutting on the Cameo, aligning the fabric on the a garment, and stitching the design will be given.

Taught by:  Joy Perez from Alphalicious Designs (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Silhouette Cameo ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Product Photography with your Smartphone – In this digital age, photos are big part of online sales, building your brand, and attracting new customers.  You don't need a fancy camera for this class!  Rachel will teach you techniques and quick tips to turn your Smartphone photos into art.     

Taught by:  Rachel Steele from Dottie M Studio (Saturday and Sunday)

●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Wood Signs 101 -- Learn to make wooden signs!  Wooden signs make beautiful, unique home decor gifts and are HOT sellers if you have a small business.  We will cover all the steps:  wood prep, electronically cutting and preparing your stencil, tools, paint and finishing.

Taught by: Milissa Martini from Milissa Martini Designs  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Digital Cutting ●Small Business ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Got the t-shirt, got the design -- now what? -- Got the perfect design to go on the cutest t-shirt but now what? What stabilizer do I use? How do I hoop this tiny t-shirt? How do I make sure it is lined up correctly? All of these questions and more will be answered in this class plus many many more tips and tricks I've learned over the years.

Taught by: Michelle Dorsey from Sew Michelle  (Saturday only)

Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(A) Creating Designs with Embrilliance StitchArtist Software -- We will create a layered applique design from start to finish.  If you have never stitched an applique design created by a professional digitizer, this class may not "click" until you do.  Why?  Because, in my experience, digitizing is 75% planning and knowing what it is you want to create, 20% knowing what buttons you need to push in the digitizing software to make your plan happen and MAYBE 5% artistic drawing skills & proficient use of any graphics/vinyl program.  When someone says to you that "the machine does all the work, all you do is push the button so anyone can do machine embroidery" - do you roll your eyes, smile and nod so as not to burst out laughing?  That’s kind of the same thing that happens when someone tells me "I am an artist and expert at Photoshop and vinyl cutting software, so digitizing will be easy" :-)  I can't draw, the extent of my vinyl cutting skills is limited to opening a cut file and hitting the go button, but I know what it takes to create an embroidery design that stitches nicely and efficiently on whatever fabric I choose to stitch it on.  You know what you like and don't like about the way applique designs have been digitized - from layering of shapes, to ordering the stitches, to setting entry and exit points and adding traveling stitches to keep jumps to a minimum.  As an extra bonus, I will also show you how to open an existing filled design and create applique shapes to replace filled areas - cutting down the number of stitches in a design as well as changing the look of the original.

Taught by: Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie  representing Embrilliance Software.  (Saturday only)

Embrilliance StitchArtist Software ●Digitizing ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Boutique Style Projects Made Easy -- Learn the secrets of making instant gratification projects that look like they came from a boutique. Come join Michelle Dorsey from SewMichelle as she walks you through one of her popular sewing patterns that combine sewing and embroidery for quick and easy gifts that look like they were bought in a boutique.

Taught by: Michelle Dorsey from Sew Michelle.  (Saturday and Sunday)

Machine Embroidery ●Sewing ●Fresh Ideas


(E) Hooded Towel Sew Along with Loopy Lion – Wondering how to make those popular appliqued hooded towels?  Join Mandi from Loopy Lion as she walks you through the entire process.  Hooded towels make wonderful gifts and are HOT craft show sellers!

Taught by: Mandi Wilfong from Loppy Lion Designs  (Saturday only)

●Machine Embroidery ●Machine Applique ●Fresh Ideas


(D) Embroidery for the rest of us -- For every embroidery situation there's a simple solution -- Lisa Shaw with Embrilliance presents this informative seminar and will reveal time-saving and helpful tips. She'll show you ways to help bring your inspiration to reality. Embrilliance makes modern creative embroidery tools such as the (free!) .BX system used by major font digitizers. Lisa Shaw has been educating embroiderers for over 20 years and has worked tirelessly to make things easier for US using simple, easy-to-follow education, fun projects and sample designs.

Info/Demo Session by: Lisa Shaw from Bubbles' Menagerie  representing Embrilliance Software.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Product Demo ● Embrilliance Embroidery Software ●Machine Embroidery Embroidery Software ●Digitizing


(D) Embroidery's Greatest Moments; Past and Present -- John Deer, 3rd generation embroidery expert will show how embroidery’s rich past has played a distinct role in the designs, machines and software available to us today. This class will focus on the milestones in embroidery technology over the last century and how yesterday’s theory can assist today's modern embroiderers. Adorable Ideas focuses on providing award-winning embroidery designs, interactive streaming education, and Wilcom Hatch, the world’s leading embroidery software brand.

Info/Demo Session by: John Deer from Adorable Ideas by John Deer.  (Saturday and Sunday)

●Product Demo  ●Machine Embroidery ●Embroidery Software ●Digitizing




Classes are subject to change with notice





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